Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My mind has just been blown !
 COFFEE POCKY, why didn't i know this exsisted ?
Gonna have to order some now it's only £1.99
Can taste it already...

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

This is my new converse! It's such a beauty and suits everything I don't know where I would be without it xD
There so comfy ! Makes a nice change from heels.

Why hello there, as you can see by the title this is my first ever blog. I have started bloging as possible away to tell you guys about my life without the pressure of having to talk normally :/ My name is Charlotte but i don't mind Chazza, Charlie, Lottie or even Frenchy (long story). I am how old you want me to be, i don't wan't to say my age so i'm not judged for the things i say in this blog.
I am into a lot of things such as heavy metal/screamo but i am open to any sort of music... My favourite bands would have to be Muse, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park and BVB. I like reading !!! Charlaine Harris is one of my fave authors, also the skin gods is an amazing book... I like horror films because of the adrenaline rush but i like comedys,romances, my favourite films would have to be Lesbian Vampire Killers and Paul and of course Then Harry Potter Series !!
Well that's enough about me for now :)
Speak soon ~ Chubblebubble ~